Chef Recommends

Baked potatoes  (L,G)  1750
Two baked potatoes with filling of your choose. Served with veggie chips.

• Cold smoked reindeer 
• Crayfish  
• Beetroot hummus

Hunter’s bread  (L) 2200
Country style bread, minutesteak, creamy mushroom sauce. served with green salad

*In case of a big hunger, the kitchen recommends a side of French fries + 300

Winter salad  (L,G)  1700
Mixed salad, creme fraiche, potato, sugarpea, caper, lemon, dill, pumpkin seed

• Add to smoked salmon/ cold smoked reindeer/ crayfish  + 400

Pike burger  (L)  1800
40 g pike patty, house mayonnese, fennel-cabbage-cucumbersalad, pickled red onion and country style fries

House burger  (L)  18€
120 g beef patty, baconmayonnese, cheddar, salad, tomato, roasted onion and country style fries

• Chance for sweet potatoes or salad  + 300
• without country style fries   1400
• Dip’s + 300 *
   * peltola blue, house mayonnese, bacon, mango-habanero, garlic

Gluten free + 300


Reindeer (L) 1990
Cold smoked reindeer, Peltola blue, fig, house balsamico

Salmon  (L) (white)  1990
Smoked salmon, creme-hollandaise sauce, leek, dill oil

Napoli (VL) 17,90€
Napolitan salame, bufala mozzarella, cherry tomato, chili oil

Puttanesca 1890
Puttanesca sauce, crayfish, mussel, caper, olive, pecorino and parmesan cheese

Vegetarian (available also in vegan ) 1690
Pesto sauce,  roasted beetroot and eggplant, walnut, fried veggie chip and rucola, honey,  pecorino cheese

Own choice 1000 + fillings

fillings 200 
– Napolitan salame, serrano ham, pineapple, cherry tomato, red onion, bufala mozzarella,
caper, olive, mayonnese

fillings 300
– Cold smoked reindeer, smoked salmon, peltola blue, crayfish, mussel

Pizzas available also in vegan, gluten free and lactose free, ask more information to our staff.

Gluten free + 300 Vegan cheese + 300


Wings  (L,G) (Siipiweikot)
10 pieces / 1190    15 pieces/ 1690

Choose your sauce  medium or hot
Served with vegetable sticks and bluecheese dip

Fish&Chips (L,G) 1200
4 pieces domestic lake fish sticks, country style fries and house mayonnese

Chicken basket  (L,G) 1200
4 pieces crisby chickens, country style fries and aioli dip

Veggie chips  (L,G) 590
Deep fried veggie chips with beetroot hummus

Country style fries   (M,G) 600
Basket of country style fries

Sweet potato fries  (M,G) 800
Basket of sweet potato fries


Minute steak (L,G) 1450
Minute steak, country style fries and veggie sticks

Cheese burger  (L) 1100
100 g beef patty, ketchup, cheddar, salad and country style fries

Pizza 1250
Two own choise fillings


Selection of cheese  1250
Selection of three different kind of cheeses

Jymy ice cream 600
Different kind of flavours

Daily cake
Ask more to our stuff

L= Lactose free
G= Gluten free
V= Vegan

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