Reindeer (L) 13,5

Smoked reindeer, mushroom, red onion, aioli

Salmon (L) 14

Cold smoked salmon, red onion, dill flavoured pesto, seed, rucola

Kebab (L) 13

Kebab, red onion, jalapeno, mayonnese

Chicken-BBQ (L) 14

Chicken, caramelized onion, bbq-sauce, bacon, pineapple

Vegetarian (L) 11,5

Red pepper, mushroom, cherry tomato, pesto, rucola

Fantasia Pizza 8

+ Extra fillings 1,5/filling

Smoked reindeer, cold smoked salmon, kebab, chicken, ham, minced meat, bacon, tuna, shrimp, blue cheese, rucola, dill flavoured pesto, seed, mushroom, aioli, cherry tomato, salami, pineapple, red pepper, jalapeno, smoked cheese, caper, bbq-sauce, red onion, sweet onion

Pizzas also available gluten free (2 € extra)

Special Pizza´s

Neliveto (L) 15

Smoked reindeer, cold smoked salmon, finnish squeaky cheese, sour cream

Se parempi kasvispizza (L) 14,5

Potato slices marinated in pesto, tahini, parmesan, pickled vegetables, rucola


Pärjä’s Special Burger (L) 13,5

180 g beef steak, bacon, smoked cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, red pepper mayonnese and rustic french fries

Chili Burger 13,5

180g beef steak, caramelized onion, house devil’s jam, lettuce, chili mayonnese and cajun spiced rustic french fries. Extra hot +1,5 €

Chicken – BBQ Burger (L,V) 13

180 g pounded chicken thigh, caramelized onion, bbq-sauce, rucola, aioli and rustic french fries

Veggie Burger (L,V) 11,5

180 g house made veggie steak, caramelized onion, tomato,lettuce, vegan mayonnese and rustic french fries

Extra dip 2/piece

Red pepper, blue cheese, garlig, plain mayonnese, bbq-sauce, house devil’s jam

Burgers also available gluten free (2 € extra)


Smoked Salmon Salad (L,G) 15

Cold smoked salmon, lettuce, rucola, cherry tomato, caramelized onion, pickled vegetables, seed, dill flavoured pesto

Baked Potatoes 12,5

Two baked potatoes with filling of your choose: smoked salmon, smoked reindeer or shrimp. Served with green salad.

Rustic French Fries (L,G) 7

Rustic french fries and red pepper mayonnese

Wings (L, G)

M 10 pieces  950 / L 15 pieces  1350

Choose your sauce medium, hot or housemade extra hot. Served with vegetable sticks and bluecheese dip (also available as an cauliflower vegan version)

L= Lactose free
G= Gluten free
V= Vegan

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You can ask the staff for more information about the dishes, ingredients and products that may cause allergies or intolerances (Food Information Regulation EU No 1169/2011).


House Rib´s (L,G) 18,9

400 g house bbq-ribs, cajun spiced coleslow, cherrytomatosalsa and rustic french fries

Minute Steak (L,G) 17,9

130 g minute steak, seasoned butter, rustic french fries and green salad

Kid’s Menu

Kid’s Pizza (L) 8

Choose two fillings

Kid’s Burger (L) 7,5

100g ground beef patty, tomato, salad, ketchup and country style fries

Chicken Basket 6

3 pieces chicken, country style fries and red pepper mayonnaise